Are gender and sexuality social constructs?

Episode nine of the Permanent Evolution Podcast, a discussion about gender and sexuality and whether or not these are merely socially constructed categories. Do we need labels to function as part of social groups, as part of societies? Words are tools, but what happens when we give them too much power by using them to define our identities?

We speak over each other a couple of times during this episode – sorry, we’re working on that! We’re also working to improve the sound quality. We hope you’re enjoying the content! Please subscribe on iTunes if so.

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One thought on “Are gender and sexuality social constructs?

  1. Given that ‘sexuality (meaning please) is totally, but differently sorted in the animal world (think bonobos and chimps), I leave that alone, but gender (aka LGBTG) is a social construct, because it doesn’t just happen (mostly) unless you order it up on line. Or is it the other way round?


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